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IV Boost Therapy & Lipotropic Injections

You've heard of Vibrant Rejuvenation's Vitamin Hydration Therapy, now take a look at our boosts! IV Boosts are a great way to help our bodies receive the proper minerals and nutrients we need to keep our physical health looking and feeling fab.

Jan 20th, 2020
Vibrant Men

Men benefit from spa services too! From our neurotoxins and filler to our facials and vitamin hydration therapy, Vibrant Rejuvenation is a must-stop spot for relaxation and rejuvenation for all our males!

Jan 11th, 2020
Holistic Health Habits

Where to begin?! From hair, skin, and nails supplements and IV hydration to Vitamin C facials, Vibrant Rejuvenation in Commack has everything you need to look younger, feel rejuvenated, and stay healthy both inside and out.

Dec 13th, 2019
Laser Hair Removal: The Secret is Out!

No more waxing, tweezing, or shaving? We're in! Vibrant Rejuvenation is booking appointments fast for our all-new LightSheer Desire Diode Laser! A great alternative to waxing and shaving, laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction for all skin types.

Nov 29th, 2019
Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau... OH MY! Rid Wrinkles, Smooth Skin

When you're young you didn't have why should you now? Vibrant Rejuvenation offers a variety of cosmetic neurotoxin injectibles that can be applied around the forehead, brows, and eyes, and are a quick solution to wrinkles and fine lines.

Nov 21st, 2019
Brazilian Butt Lift Your Way to a Firmer, Rounder Rump!

Vibrant Rejuvenation has your Brazilian Butt Lift Specialists in Commack, NY. This non-surgical treatment helps to lift, contour, and restore fullness to your butt and because of it's non-invasive nature, gives you results with no downtime.

Nov 8th, 2019
Feel the Peel: Your One-Stop Spot for Fresh Skin

It's time to exfoliate dry, cracked, ageing skin! Ideal for anyone looking for a "no-makeup glow," the chemical peels at Vibrant Rejuvenation in Commack are one of the must-have procedures at our med spa. Stop in today for a professional grade treatment!

Oct 16th, 2019

Need a discounted way to get better digestive health and lose excess weight? Health and hydration come first at this Commack Medical Spa. Lemon water has various benefits that should convince you to add it into your daily routine, and so do our IVs!

Oct 2nd, 2019

Boost your basic facial! Gua Sha is now being offered at Vibrant Rejuvenation and is an old-school treatment with new-school results. A facial and massage, this stimulating procedure is unlike any other that has even been used as an alternative to Botox.

Oct 2nd, 2019
The 7 Health Benefits of Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Try IV Vitamin Hydration to improve your health and wellness today! Want shiny hair, strong nails, and smooth skin? Biotin is for you! Want a strong metabolism and balanced blood sugar? B7 is the way to go! Read on to see more benefits.

Sep 18th, 2019
Back to School, Back to Greater Germ Exposure

Don't get sick this cold and flu season! Help build up your immune system with IV hydration therapy in Commack, NY at our med spa, Vibrant Rejuvenation. Looking for a discount drip? Ask about membership options!

Aug 15th, 2019

Looking to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, improve the appearance of scars, and plump up your skin? Vibrant Rejuvenation in Commack has a facial for you! Vampire Facials aren't as scary as they sound.

May 8th, 2019

Waxing is a popular way to remove unwanted hair, but it comes with additional benefits! Our med spa offers wax packages that are sure to fit what any beach-queen (or king!) is looking for.

Apr 29th, 2019

Enzymes from natural sources, such as fruits, working with the enzymes in and on your skin, can come together in a dramatic dance to revitalize your skin and return a youthful glow and feel to your face, neck or anywhere you want to improve appearance.

Apr 22nd, 2019
EuroThreads: A Solution to Facelifts

Instantly lift, tighten, contour your face and stimulate collagen...all at the same time! EuroThreads are now offered in Commack at Vibrant Rejuvenation and help to fix sagging neck, falling cheecks, jowls, and baggy skin on the face. Out-run age today!

Nov 15th, 2019
Vitamin Hydration Therapy - Myer's Cocktail

Build your own cocktail or try one of ours! Our Myers Cocktail Vitamin Hydration Therapy infuses vitamins to improve immune system health, fatigue, allergies, and even helps to reduce symptoms of asthma and fibromyalgia.

Oct 9th, 2019