Back to School, Back to Greater Germ Exposure

Fall is upon us!

Now that summer has wound down, inevitably the exposure to cold and flu germs will soon be all around us. Sickness is not fun for anyone and prompts work loss, possible dangerous health complications and loss of productivity. Flu season 2018 - 2019 approximately 80,000 people died according to the CDC.

We have numerous options we can take to boost our immune systems and potentially prevent illness. Some options include: getting good sleep, increasing your vitamin absorption, eating healthy, abstaining from alcohol, and habitually washing your hands often as well as before eating or touching your face. Dr. Meyers developed IV Infusion drips to be administered and observed by medical professionals like NATASHA COPEELIN, NP. At Vibrant Rejuvenation. Vibrant Rejuvenation offers Immune shield with its high dose of vitamin C and electrolytes is the perfect cocktail for strengthening your immunity and helping decrease the amount of time your sick. This IV treatment helps prevent and reverse any effects of disease and bacteria.

This year, Boost your defense system against Cold and Flu germs with Immune shield therapy!

Vibrant Rejuvenation

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