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Some of the most ideal times to get chemical peels are in the fall and winter, when we are most likely spending less time outside exposed to the harsh effects and realities of UV rays. Who wants wrinkles and sun damage? We don't.

There are approximately 35 billion skin cells on our bodies and although dead skin peels off our surfaces all the time, the entire first layers of our skin are essentially dead. Basically, any skin surface that you can see with your eyes has already been brought to the top layer of your skin and has since died from the time it was originally generated. When we're young this isn't really a problem because our cell turnover is fast, but similar to our metabolism, everything slows down and becomes more difficult when we start to age. 


There are plenty of skin care products on the market that encourage exfoliation...telling us to scrub dead skin away in order to reveal fresher, younger, plumper, firmer skin. Exfoliation is usually recommended daily or at least a couple of times a week to ensure a faster cell turnover rate and aid in the body's natural skin- shedding process. If you're looking to go deeper however, this is where our peels come in to save the day. Exfoliation products can only go so far.

Chemical peels involve using a chemical-based solution that when applied to the skin, causes the top layers to fall off. Once the top layers are removed, the skin layers beneath basically receive a signal to move up and keep regenerating. The result is that smooth, plump, hydrated, young skin that everyone is looking for. Smoothed out fine wrinkles, faded scars, clear skin...THE WORKS. 

Chemical peels can be used for exfoliation, acne, hyperpigmentation, evening out skin tone, and various other concerns. Everyone's skin is different, which is why we encourage you to book a consultation with us today so we can correctly analyze your skin care needs.

Of course it goes without saying that your skin will be very sensitive after a chemical peel treatment. Take care to remove yourself from excess sun exposure, waxing/depilatory hair-removal products, and any skin care products with harsh chemicals.

What are you waiting for? Give your skin new life TODAY.





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