Summer Bodies are made in the Winter! Let Sculpsure help you shed Today

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What is the New Sculpsure System?

Sculpsure is body contouring at its finest. It is a fat reduction laser, a form of WarmSculpting body contouring that can destroy up to 24% of fat cells in select treated areas. 4 applicators can be manipulated into a variety of positions, catered to your body type and treatment area.

Unlike other fat removal systems, it is not freezing your fat! Sculpsure is permanent fat reduction that will help you lose weight and inches off your waistline.  

It is a laser-based machine that only targets fat cells, not muscle groups! The process alternates between hot and cold cycles, with heat damaging fat cells which are eventually emptied out through the body's lymphatic system, and with cooling which alleviates the heat sensation.  Targeted areas for treatments only take approximately 25 minutes per area, which means you can be in and out on your lunch break with no downtime. Laser body sculpting here we come!

What areas can be treated?

Sculpsure is ideal for people who maintain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, or for those who have trouble spots even after diet and exercise and want to remove stubborn fat.

Does Sculpsure Work?

Results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks with best results observed at 12 weeks as the body eliminates remaining fat cells. Extra water consumption is recommended during this process as your body flushes out the dead fat cells and excess toxins.

How many treatments are needed?

Because every patient's body and metabolism is different, results will vary, although a series of treatments are recommended for best results (usually between 2-3). Ask your WarmSculpting provider at Vibrant Rejuvenation Medical Spa in Commack, NY about which plan is right for your needs. Call today to book a consultation at 631.486.8566.



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