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Cellulite Reduction Treatment Questions and Answers

Are you concerned about your cellulite? You are not alone! Between 80 and 90 percent of women may experience a formation of lumps and dimples in the skin at some point in their lives. Vibrant Rejuvenation offers cellulite reduction treatment in Commack, NY. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

Cellulite Treatment Near Me in Commack, NY
Cellulite Treatment Near Me in Commack, NY

Most of us know all about cellulite: that lumpy, dimpled flesh that is seen on the buttocks, hips and thighs. Cellulite forms below the skin and is a more common condition in women, and the reason why some people develop it, and others don’t, still is not clear. However, it tends to run in families, which means that genetics plays a role, and it also is more common in older adults who are overweight.

Cellulite is not a health risks and it doesn’t need to be treated. But, if the appearance of cellulite is bothering you, then there are a number of therapies available that may help, and they are certainly worth looking into.

Can you get rid of cellulite?

There is no way to completely get rid of cellulite, despite all the claims out there that certain creams or other products will get rid of the problem. There are however some treatments available at medi spas that can help reduce its appearance, and the only wait to achieve the best results is to work with a reputable healthcare provider who may help identify what therapies are best suited for you. Also, medi spas have the latest and best in technology which will also help you achieve best results.

What causes cellulite?

As indicated, cellulite is a very common and harmless skin condition and is more prevalent in women. Many people try to improve the appearance of their skin through exercise, diet, weight loss, creams and massages, and there are even medically proven treatment options available. Little is known as to what actually causes cellulite. What is known is that factors and genetics play a role in cellulite, as does skin structure, skin texture, and body type. Other factors as to what may cause cellulite include muscle tone and weight, although people who are in very good shape can have it too.

Can Cellulite ever go away?

If you have cellulite, you are not alone – 80% to 90% of women of all shapes and sizes have it. You should know that cellulite can never fully go away, but it can be treated to help boost your confidence and appearance. So, what are some ways to help enhance your appearance? Topical treatments are one avenue to explore, and so is daily exercise that will help firm and tone muscles and tighten up your skin. Following a healthy diet is also good to help reduce its appearance. Laser treatment, non-invasive energy-based therapies, and dermal fillers, and even surgery, are also innovative solutions worth exploring if you are dead set on doing something about your cellulite.

How can I reduce cellulite on my legs?

There are a number of ways to reduce cellulite on the legs, according to healthcare providers. Brushing, retinol body creams, serums, coffee scrubs, eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, daily exercise, and treatments offered at medi spas all help reduce cellulite in the legs.

Can CoolSculpting reduce cellulite?

CoolSculpting is effective in zapping fat without surgery, however, this treatment does not get rid of cellulite. CoolSculpting is meant to eliminate and reduce the fat beneath the skin, not the skin itself.

What is the most effective treatment for cellulite?

There are a number of effective treatments for cellulite, but one you should consider is Kuma Shape/Velashape, which is amazing technology for fat and cellulite reduction therapy that utilizes infrared light and radio frequency, combined with controlled suction and gentle massaging action which results in body contouring. The procedure, which is non-invasive and very safe, involves the cellulite and fat within the underlying tissues being heated, shrinking the size of the fat, and reducing the appearance of your dimpled skin.

If you want to help treat your cellulite, then we welcome you to contact us and book an appointment through our website. We offer cellulite treatment and our cutting-edge-facility offers the best in technology and our staff is committed to ensuring you achieve the best results that will boost your appearance and confidence.

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