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5 Questions to Ask Med Spa

Med spa offers facial treatments, botox injections, laser hair removal, medical weight loss management, cosmetic injections, and much more. Talk to our team at Vibrant Rejuvenation in Commack, NY about our wide variety of services that help turn back the clock on aging. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online.

5 Questions to Ask Med Spa in Commack, NY
5 Questions to Ask Med Spa in Commack, NY

Do med spas have doctors?

Yes, med spas, short for medical spas, have doctors within their practice. In order for a spa to be classified as a med spa it must be owned and operated, or at least have an association with, a licensed doctor such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The treatment may not be performed by the doctor themselves, but it will be performed by a highly trained and qualified practitioner who has worked under the direction and supervision of the doctor. If you are unsure who will be completing your treatment, or what role the doctor plays in the med spa, you can book a consultation appointment to understand the full procedure, the benefits and risks of treatment and what would happen in the rare case that something were to go wrong with your procedure.

What is the difference between a day spa and a med spa?

Med spas and day spas can be similarly set up to provide their clients with a feeling of calm and relaxation so they are comfortable in the environment. Even though a med spa can perform medical treatments, they want to create a spa-like atmosphere and will make the space feel inviting and luxurious as opposed to the plain, clinic environment of a doctor’s office. Day spas and med spas can both perform some of the same treatments such as seaweed wraps, facials and massages. Where they differ is in the complex and advanced medical procedures that a med spa can provide as they operate under the direction and supervision of a qualified medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. In order to provide these treatments, the practitioners in a med spa have completed specialized training for the procedures and treatments they are performing.

Are med spas safe?

Med spas must pass and maintain certain sterilization and health and safety protocols to obtain and keep their business license and be able to operate as a med spa. As the treatments performed in a med spa carrying a higher risk of complications or infection due to the nature of the procedures, they have to adhere to the standards set out for a medical clinic as opposed to the standards of a day spa. Practitioners in a med spa also need to be highly trained and certified in the procedures that they are performing as they carry a great risk for complications or infection.

What does a med spa do?

A med spa performs many procedures to help improve the health and well-being, as well as personal appearance, of their clients. While they can perform some of the same services of a traditional day spa, such as massages, facials and seaweed wraps, they are also able to perform invasive and non-invasive treatments. The majority of services are non-invasive, meaning they don’t break the skin, with the exception of Botox. The service options of a med spa can vary from one business to another, so it is best to check the website or call the spa to find out what services they offer but can include laser hair removal, laser vein treatments, fat loss, photo facials and microdermabrasion, among many others. It is also recommended that once you do decide on a med spa for your service, that you book a consultation for the service to understand what the procedure entails, what the results will be, expected recovery time and any associated risks or complications.

What are the most popular medical spa services?

The most popular treatments can vary by med spa, depending on the practitioners they have on site, as well as the demographics of the area where the med spa is located. Currently the most popular med spa treatments are Botox and filler injections, with popularity continuing to rise. Other popular med spa treatments include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL treatments and aesthetician services.

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