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SculpSure Treatment in Commack, NY and Huntington, NY

If you have stubborn fat all over your body, then you know it is hard to get rid of it. Through SculpSure Treatment, you can easily get rid of excess fat from your body. Visit us at 164 Commack Rd, Suite #6, Commack, NY 11725. For more details, please call us or schedule an online appointment with us. 

SculpSure Treatment in Commack, NY and Huntington, NY
SculpSure Treatment in Commack, NY and Huntington, NY

Natural Looking Results

SculpSure is a laser-based, noninvasive treatment that’s used to target and reduce or eliminate fat. It works for both men and women and on a variety of body types. One procedure takes an average of 25 minutes and can target multiple areas at once.

SculpSure is a noninvasive, nonsurgical cosmetic body procedure that targets fat reduction in the upper abdominal, lower abdominal and flanks area of the body. The nonsurgical SculpSure procedure requires no incisions or anesthesia. This can mean there’s minimal discomfort, and little to no recovery time.

Thousands Have Benefited

SculpSure involves a hands-free heat laser belt that uses specific wavelengths and heat to permanently eliminate fat cells.

How Does SculpSure Work?

SculpSure is a type of lipolysis, a fat-eliminating process. SculpSure uses laser technology to “melt” fat cells away. During the SculpSure treatment, the SculpSure device is wrapped around you like a belt. Its applicators deliver a 1060-nanometer diode laser that reaches a temperature of 107.6°F and 116.6°F. This is hot enough to kill fat cells underneath the skin while leaving other tissues unharmed. The SculpSure device alternates between delivering a cooling effect and the heat laser.

Each treatment takes about 25 minutes.

During the procedure, you can watch TV, read, or even take a nap. During the 12 weeks after the procedure, your body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes out the eliminated fat cells. If you need additional treatments to reach your desired results, they can be done 6-12 weeks or more after the first treatment.

Additional Services You May Need

Additional Services You May Need

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