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Thread Lift Specialist Questions and Answers

Looking for a thread lift specialist near you? You’ll find one here at Vibrant Rejuvenation near Long Island, NY. Connect with us today to learn all about thread lifts and what one could do for you! Request an appointment online. We serve patients from Commack NY, Hauppauge NY, East Northport NY, Dix Hills NY, Huntington NY, Kings Park NY, Greenlawn NY and Melville NY.

Thread Lift Specialist Questions and Answers
Thread Lift Specialist Questions and Answers

It used to be that a facelift meant surgery, and nobody likes surgery. Today, a facelift means a thread lift! The procedure is much simpler than a surgical one, and you can have it done in a relaxing spa-like environment like ours here at Vibrant Rejuvenation! Contact us today or read on to learn more about us and seeing a thread lift specialist near Long Island, NY.

Do thread lifts really work?

They do work, yes, and they’re approved by the FDA! In fact, thread lifts work so well that they provide immediate results you’ll notice right after your treatment. A thread lift can lift, tighten, and contour the treatment area, like the face or another area, but there’s another benefit too: the procedure stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin in the area for a long-term lifting effect!

The thing about collagen and elastin is that our bodies tend to stop producing them as we age, but we need them if we want to maintain our youthful appearance. Less collagen and elastin means falling cheeks, a sagging neck, and old-looking jowls. To address these issues, you could get a traditional facelift, but that requires surgery. Instead, opt for a thread lift and boost your collagen and elastin levels!

How much does a thread lift cost?

Surgery can cost several thousand dollars and require weeks of recovery. The more cost-effective option is a thread lift. It’s not a permanent procedure, but it’s more affordable (often by thousands of dollars), and it offers long-lasting results. Pricing varies depending on factors like the provider of the procedure. You should also consider that with surgery, there’s a lot of downtime, but with a thread lift, there’s very little. Time is money, right?

How long does it take to recover from a thread lift?

A thread lift procedure is only minimally invasive with biodegradable sutures placed under the skin. Only local anesthesia is necessary, and the entire procedure takes only an hour or two. Hospitalization isn’t necessary, and the recovery time tends to be about one to two days.

After a procedure and over the course of about six months, the biodegradable sutures eventually dissolve and are absorbed by the body. These sutures are harmless to the body. Just because the sutures are absorbed, though, it doesn’t mean your lift goes away; the collagen and elastin production in the area will continue for a long while, prolonging your results. Results can last for two or even three years!

We’d love to tell you everything else you’d like to know about the thread lift procedure, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more or to book a consultation with us. During your consultation, we’ll make sure you’re confident about how to proceed.

Do you have a thread lift specialist near Long Island NY?

Yes, we do! We have a specialist near you at our relaxing, rejuvenating med spa in your area. Our specialist is Natasha Copelin, NP. Give us a call today at the Vibrant Rejuvenation location nearest you, or go ahead and book your consultation with us online. We’d be happy to hear from you if you have any questions for us about the thread lift procedure with us.

We look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon here at Vibrant Rejuvenation near Long Island, NY!

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