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Yellow Light Therapy in Commack, NY and Huntington, NY

Yellow Light Therapy in Commack, NY and Huntington, NY
Yellow Light Therapy in Commack, NY and Huntington, NY

Vibrant Rejuvenation is proud to offer Yellow LED Light Therapy for our clients. Yellow LED Light Therapy is the deepest penetrating medical grade treatment that we offer in clinic. LED targets the light receptors on our cells which then converts the light into energy. The cells are then fueled with all the energy that they need to be able to function at optimal ability.

The LED Light also triggers the lymphatic system, improving the removal of toxins from the treated area. Yellow Light Therapy is used to increase wound healing, collagen induction, skin hydration and the overall health of the skin.

As a stand-alone treatment, Yellow LED is the perfect skin pick me up that will leave your skin looking healthier and radiant. It also works to reduce redness by increasing dermal blood flow.

Yellow Light Therapy Benefits


The Perfect Post Add-On

Yellow Light Therapy is perfect to use after Cosmetic Injections, Microdermabrasion, RF Micro-Needling or Skin Needling treatments to help speed up skin recovery and maximize the benefits from your treatments. Ask to add these to your experience at Vibrant Rejuvenation.

Rosacea and Yellow LED Light Therapy

Yellow light is well known for its overall calming and rejuvenating benefits. Aside from its uses in easing the symptoms of rosacea, it is also often used for: soothing irritated or sensitized skin, reducing skin redness, stimulating the production of red blood cells for skin healing and revitalizing, calming swelling and inflammation, decreasing the look of visible blood vessels and even minimizing the damage caused by UV exposure.

While red light therapy is generally the choice for inflamed forms of rosacea, yellow light therapy is the go-to option for redness. Combining the two can be safely done and can bring the benefits of both wavelength ranges to the user.

Benefits of Yellow LED Light for Rosacea Treatment

  • Speeds skin healing
  • Reduces erythema (redness)
  • Reduces inflammation (and associated symptoms such as redness, flushing, swelling, itching, burning)
  • Decreases the time required to calm a rosacea flare-up, particularly flushing
  • Helps to heal skin damaged by rosacea symptoms
  • Soothes irritated, inflamed, sensitized and reactive skin
  • Stimulates red blood cell production for improved healing and overall skin health
  • Decreases the appearance of visible blood vessels
  • Heals sun damaged skin
  • Painless
  • 100 percent natural and non-invasive
  • Drug-free with no reported long- or short-term side effects
  • Safe for regular daily use for people of all skin types and ages
  • Requires very little time and/or effort
  • No downtime

Additional Services You May Need

Additional Services You May Need

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